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This is me!
Robbyn Zimmerman Tilleman, an arftist living in Middle Georgia. I have been drawing and painting since I was a child, but I have been better able to create since retiring, The time I spend in my studio is precious to me , as well as fufilling. Spend some time wandering arpound this site, keeping. in mind that I am an artist, not a web designer! I am finding my way. around, abd any comments or suggestions regarding site construction would be welcome. Consoider this site a work in progress, so feel free to come back often as things will change! 


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My Story

II was born in Georgia, grew up in New York City, moved to Delaware, then Maryland and settled back in Georgia. I studied art and was admitted to the High School of Musoc and Art, a magnet school in Manhatten. In college I majored in photography and cinematography, later changing my major to Social Work. I worked as a Social Worker for many years before retiring and moving back to Georgia.

In addition to creating art, I love traveling with my husband, Joe, and playing with my dogs. My travels are often reflected in my artwork; from the colors and mountains of Italy to the canals of Amsterdam. I enjoy meeting different people, experiencing different cultures and hopeffully this is refecteed in my work.

You will see many different styles in my creations, from small whimsical mixed media pieces to larger acrylics and oils. Each one is dear to me. I also craft small sketch books and journals and I enjoy the freedom of playing on these papers.

My work is for sale and I welcome inquiries from potential collectors/


"I founf I could say things with colors and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for" Georgia O'Keeffe

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